Message from Our CEO

January 16, 2020

2020 is here! Happy New Year to a new decade for the world and for Rapattoni Corporation’s 50th anniversary!

Yes, we turn 50 in August! Looking back with pride on our beginnings in 1970 when Andy and I started the company with one desk and two phones, a thousand dollars, and visions of the future … it is amazing to see where Rapattoni is today. In those early days Andy was struggling to just explain what a computer was as he went to broker offices in Southern California with a teletype and phone dial-up to a mainframe computer where he demoed his first few programs that included: Loan Amortizations printed out on demand, Buying vs. Renting, Investment Analysis using “Present Worth/Discounted Cash Flow” and a nice little property management program. All new stuff!

Andy wrote the first real estate “board” management software in 1973 for membership and billing only and added other modules as they were needed. It was amazing how word of mouth spread in Southern California, Andy hired college students and wrote software for many other industries, including the garment industry, insurance companies, gift industry, anesthesiologists, warehouses, and other large services, including a huge property management firm. In addition, we sold the newest wave of computers to NASA and the nuclear power plants in California. I remember in 1983 Andy said, “We can’t take all of these software needs into the future, we have to focus on a vertical market and the real estate board market is the most logical path.” That was when we turned all attention to the world of organized real estate and launched the first version of the company’s association management software in 1984, and it really took off!

Jump forward to 2020 and what we have accomplished in 50 years…. Our tremendous growth of the AMS business, the addition of our multiple listing service product in 1999, adding integrated website services in 2012, and the numerous upgrades and revisions have been spectacular.

As a privately held company we have been able to pivot and maneuver as needs have changed. And it is with pride that the majority of our employees have spent well over a decade with the company. Andy and I always had a great team with excellent staff retention. With his passing, I immediately started our next wave of growth and change with a super leadership team that brings together over 300 years of real estate industry experience.

So where do we go from here? The answer is we are already on our way into the future. In 2019 we recognized the exciting possibilities for a whole new era with our move in Southern California from Simi Valley to an ultra-modern high-tech facility in Westlake Village. In this move we stepped into the new work culture, technology, and amenities where we now have a better advantage to support customers and employees. Our total customer growth was up 30% in 2019, including our first international customer. We are poised for continued growth as we roll out more features and products.

Exciting times as I look forward to paving the way for the company to last another 50 years! As Andy would say, “We are a fifty-year-old startup company!” Sure makes it interesting!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season as we look forward to great happenings and ongoing celebrations at the upcoming events!

Rapattoni Leadership Team

Niki Rapattoni
Chief Executive Officer
Rapattoni Corporation

And Team Rapattoni