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Inventory Bar Code Labels

Title: Inventory Bar Code Labels
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How can I quickly enter inventory items in a sales invoice form without having to memorize charge codes or search for the correct code in the Charge Codes by Set Form?

You can create inventory labels for the items you sell in your Realtor® store that can be quickly scanned by a bar code reader. With all the various signs and forms your store sells, it’s easy to manually select the wrong charge code. Using inventory labels in conjunction with a wand-style bar code reader will greatly reduce the incidence of errors.

Inventory labels work with the Rapattoni point-of-sale program allowing your staff to efficiently and easily enter charge code data into the Code field in the Sales Invoice Form. Just place your cursor in the Code field and then scan the item’s bar code.

Inventory labels are easily created using the Inventory Merge program in Rapattoni Magic, and a Microsoft Word template supplied by Rapattoni.



This merge can be run using Report Type 1: By Purchase Order, which generates bar code labels based on the P.O. number entered. It can also be run with Report Type 2: By Item, which allows you to enter specific inventory item charge codes to print. You may choose to include prices on the labels, as we have in our example above, or select no prices.

The Inventory Items Label Merge creates a _label.doc file which can then be merged into the Rapattoni-provided Microsoft Word label template called ^inv_lbl.doc.

Important Note:

It is necessary to set the Print Label field to ‘Y’ in the Inventory Information Form for those inventory items that you would like to print, as follows.


The finished inventory bar code labels not only look professional but they will increase point-of-sale entry productivity. In the example below, we have chosen to merge 10 inventory labels for the 1016 charge code.

For more information on merges or for bar code reader requirements, please contact Rapattoni Magic support at (866) 730-7115.