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How To Merge Duplicate Member Records and Transfer History

Title: How To Merge Duplicate Member Records and Transfer History
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: If I have duplicate member records in Rapattoni Magic, how can I merge the two records together and transfer history?

Do you ever have duplicate member records in your Rapattoni Magic database and not know what to do with them? Well, you probably don’t need to keep two records on file for the member, so you can eliminate one record. Rapattoni Magic allows you to merge two duplicate member records together, and transfer the member information over to the record you are going to keep. All associated member information, including accounting invoices and receipts can also be transferred. You may also delete the "old" record after transferring the history. The process is very simple and only takes a few seconds using the Transfer Member History Utility.

To Transfer Member History:

Once you open the Transfer Member History Utility, simply zoom (Press F5) to select the From Member (the record you wish to eliminate). Then zoom to select the member record to which you will be transferring all of the history (the record you wish to keep). If you want to delete the "old" record after the transfer is completed, check the box labeled "Delete From Member after transferring history." If you do not check this box, then the "old" record will remain in the database but with a terminated status. You have the option to select which information you would like to transfer and you can select as many different options as you want. After filling in the information, click OK begin the process. You will then be asked to confirm the deletion the "old" record. Click OK to complete the process. Running this utility when necessary is important for keeping your database "clean" from duplicate records.