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How to Modify Messages That Display on Invoices/Receipts

Title: How to Modify Messages That Display on Invoices/Receipts
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How can I modify the messages that display on our invoices/receipts?

Have you ever wondered how you can personalize the messages on your sales invoices and receipts? Rapattoni Magic allows you to modify the message that appears on each invoice/receipt that you print for your members. Perhaps you might use this feature to print the return policy on the invoices for store items or remind members of an upcoming event. The possibilities are endless! The message can be modified using the Sales Invoice Setup Form.

Sales Invoice Setup Form

Choose whether you want to modify/create a sales invoice message or a receipt message.

The Sales Invoice Setup Form allows you to specify what you would like to print on invoices created for a particular Billing Group. You must complete this form for each Billing Group that you want a message attached to. Use the Next Record and Previous Record buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate to each Billing Group. After choosing the correct Billing Group, switch to modify mode and type your message. You may return to this form anytime to modify an existing message.

NOTE: You may also modify/add a Sales Receipt Message using the same steps.