WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., March 18, 2021 – Rapattoni Corporation (Rapattoni) announced today that the Northeast Arkansas Board of REALTORS® (NEABOR), located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, recently signed contracts for Rapattoni MLS, Atlas Tax, Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS, and Rapattoni’s new Association Website Module. Established in 1975, NEABOR serves members from all real estate specialties throughout the northeast area of Arkansas, including commercial sales, development, property management, home inspections, appraisals, auctions, and residential sales.

Brian Tepfer, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Rapattoni, commented, “We’re excited to get Northeast Arkansas set up with Rapattoni MLS, Atlas Tax, and Cloud AMS, along with our new Association Website Module. This comprehensive suite of products will empower their members and staff with valuable new tools and resources for expanding their business and working more efficiently.”

“After evaluating competing MLS, AMS, public records, and website products, we found that Rapattoni offered the best combination of features and technologies to help us move forward in all of these pivotal areas,” said Erica Huffstetler, Association Executive at NEABOR. “We wanted to forge a partnership with a software vendor that’s focused exclusively on the real estate industry, one that would listen to us, respond to our feedback, and help us meet the evolving needs of our members. Rapattoni has over 50 years in the industry with the same ownership and a history of innovation and outstanding customer support, making them a perfect match as our technology partner.”

Destyn Dagle, Director of MLS Software at Rapattoni, said, “NEABOR’s brokers, agents, and other members are going to be impressed with all the tools and resources that the Rapattoni MLS puts at their fingertips.” NEABOR’s new Rapattoni MLS will provide members with a wealth of cutting-edge tools for entering, searching, and managing listings as well as contacts and prospects. In addition, the Custom Report Writer allows MLS staff, brokers, and agents to create elegant, professional looking reports and flyers in a variety of styles. NEABOR members will be able to download the free Rapattoni MLS Mobile App for instant access to listing information and other MLS data on all their mobile devices.

On top of all those core MLS features, NEABOR will install Rapattoni’s new Atlas Tax product and premium GIS map layers. Atlas combines county tax records with geographic parcel data, FEMA flood data, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) data, and other resources to provide the industry’s most comprehensive property records along with seamless MLS integration for listing input auto-population, tax searches, school reports, address labels, and more.

Marc Werber, Director of Association Management Software at Rapattoni, commented, “Our team’s already underway setting up Cloud AMS for Northeast Arkansas and working on the data conversion to ensure that all of their records are brought over to the new system correctly. “A comprehensive solution for managing local and state associations, Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS provides robust tools for managing members and offices as well as classes, events, accounting, committees, and all other aspects of real estate association management. The integrated Member Portal website allows association members to pay dues, register for classes, and complete other transactions on any web-enabled devices.

NEABOR’s Cloud AMS installation includes hosting at Rapattoni’s state-of-the-art data center, with automatic maintenance upgrades, managed database backups, and a hosted email server for Cloud AMS's integrated communication features.

Rapattoni’s new Association Website Module is an optional Cloud AMS feature that lets customers quickly launch new association websites using a series of templates, with native membership integration leveraging Rapattoni’s Magic API to provide interactive calendars, member/office searches, affiliate searches, and more. Once NEABOR’s new website goes live, their staff will be able to easily manage its content to keep the site up to date.

Rapattoni Vice President of Sales Scott Quinn commented, “We’re thrilled that Northeast Arkansas elected to partner with Rapattoni for their new MLS, AMS, website, and tax software. They have a great team in Jonesboro and we’re committed to making this a smooth transition for them, working together as the real estate industry continues to evolve.”

NEABOR’s Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS system is scheduled to go live in April, followed by their new website leveraging Rapattoni’s Association Website Module, with their Rapattoni MLS and Atlas Tax live dates scheduled in June. Rapattoni will present a series of online trainings for NEABOR staff and agents leading up to the launch of the new systems, then send post-training materials with helpful links and support information.

About Rapattoni MLS
Rapattoni MLS provides an intuitive and responsive interface for agents to enter listings, run searches, and manage prospects with interactive Client Portals. Additional advanced features include industry-leading map layer data and integrated GIS parcel mapping, a versatile Custom Report Writer for building dynamic reports and flyers, a powerful RESO Web API and RETS data platform with the latest RESO Data Dictionary Platinum certification, and much more. Rapattoni MLS is compatible with all standard browsers and mobile platforms, with a native and fully integrated app included for iOS and Android devices.

About Rapattoni AMS
Rapattoni association management software (AMS) combines Rapattoni's extensive real estate industry knowledge with the latest technologies to give associations the most powerful, flexible, and intuitive productivity suite available for managing association needs. Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS, the latest version of the company’s industry-leading AMS system, offers a variety of innovative features and tools. The included Member Portal allows your members to pay their dues, register for classes, and interact with the association online, while the optional Association Website Module lets customers easily launch and manage new association websites with native membership integration for interactive calendars, member/office searches, affiliate searches, and more. Rapattoni’s hosting service helps associations eliminate expensive server hardware and software licensing by moving to cloud storage.

About Atlas Tax
Rapattoni’s Atlas Tax delivers the real estate industry’s most accurate and up-to-date tax data. This comprehensive property records system provides county tax records along with additional info drawn from census tract data, school attendance zones, FEMA flood maps, custom Geographic Information System (GIS) parcel data, and other valuable resources. MLS integration includes listing input auto-population, tax searches, reports, address labels, and one-click access to tax detail from any listing. Atlas Tax also provides users with detailed School Reports, Neighborhood Reports, Flood Maps, Plat Maps, and more.

About Rapattoni
Rapattoni Corporation has been serving the real estate industry since 1970. The company provides integrated products and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations, including the Rapattoni MLS, industry-leading association management software, and Integrated Website Services, along with hosting and technical support for each product. Rapattoni's headquarters are in Westlake Village, California.

For more information, contact Rapattoni's Sales department at (800) 722-7338 or visit the Rapattoni website at http://www.rapattoni.com/. You can also follow Rapattoni on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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