Message from Our CEO

January 14, 2019

Happy New Year as we salute a great year of accomplishments at Rapattoni and we are eager to deliver our innovative list of new features in 2019! It has been an exciting challenge this past year as our Leadership Team, under direction of President Ralph Hoover, made sure we kept up with the continual changes in real estate technology while meeting the industry’s diverse needs on all fronts.

Our flagship Rapattoni Association Management Software (AMS) product started it all in 1970 and blasted forward again this past year with AMS Director Marc Werber and EVP/CTO Brian Tepfer expanding on the 2016 release of Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS. Thanks to Sales VP Kevin Wolfe, as of this month we have 138 installations of this new AMS system. We continued to enhance Cloud AMS with new features in 2018, and we have some groundbreaking items to be released in 2019 as well. MLS Director Destyn Dagle and MLS Product Manager Madeleine Talbot-Leighton revamped our Rapattoni Multiple Listing System (MLS) with many new and improved features along with several versions of our “Vendor of Choice” solutions, and we brought industry veteran Scott Quinn on board as Sales VP to help spread the word about the MLS’s powerful new tools, features, and options. Our Integrated Website Service (IWS) department also expanded its capabilities under the direction of Brian Tepfer and had a banner year of installations. CIO/Chief Architect Nicholas Hook directed the programmers, quality assurance, and our network operations to make sure we could accomplish all of the development.

As stated in our December press release, Rapattoni celebrated numerous staff retention milestones in 2018 and the majority of our employees have spent well over a decade with the company. We recently celebrated Kevin Wolfe’s 35th anniversary, as well as 20-year milestones for Sales Director Dawn Eldridge and AMS Support Manager Nicole Harris, plus GIS Manager Stan Marriott’s 15-year milestone. Rapattoni strives to provide a work environment that allows our employees to be creative and actively participate in improving our products, and our dedicated long-term staff helps us deliver superior service and support for our customers.

The big news is how Rapattoni is leading the changes in the MLS industry. As we moved forward with “Vendor of Choice” in 2018, the industry started calling it “Front End of Choice” and it became apparent that we would need to offer many variations depending on the needs of our customers. Consolidation and disruption continue to be the big discussion for MLSs at the major meetings and we are ready to meet the industry’s needs. Rapattoni supports all variations of the following installations as well as developing completely new approaches as required by our customers:

  1. In the Miami Association of REALTORS® in Florida – Users have a choice of Rapattoni MLS, another vendor, or both, and listing input is managed through the Clareity dashboard.
  2. Going live in the first quarter of 2019 is a solution where Rapattoni MLS is the primary input system for ALL members and a second vendor is also offered. Members choose a single system to use.
  3. We will bring a unique new system live for three of our largest MLS customers this summer, serving as the foundation of a new MLS technology platform and database structure. Listing data will be entered into each local MLS and sync’d real-time across the three databases, with business rules determined by each listing’s county. The new system will initially include over 33,000 subscribers with access to over 2.7 million listings spanning all participating MLS sites.

We are currently handling all of the above, are in collaboration with several other associations to build different variations, and are ready to tackle any additional alternatives the industry may envision!

We were also pleased to provide all of our MLS customers with a Gold Certified RESO Web API in 2018 and we are proactively working with our customers to keep them certified with the NAR-mandated RESO Data Dictionary standard of 1.7 Gold in 2019. Rapattoni plays a significant role in RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) as Brian Tepfer serves as Co-Chair of the Membership Data Dictionary Workgroup at RESO meetings. Rapattoni has enjoyed being a part of the RESO community and watching it grow as their annual conferences and technology summits have evolved from 30 technical attendees to 300 association executives and staff over just a few short years.

You may click here to view our big list of 2018 highlights and plans for 2019, and we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming conferences and events this year. In the meantime, please feel free to contact anyone on our Leadership Team if you would like more information on our various products and projects. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and may 2019 be filled with great happenings!

Rapattoni Leadership Team

Niki Rapattoni
Chief Executive Officer
Rapattoni Corporation

And Team Rapattoni