Message from Our CEO

January 14, 2021

We hope you all had a good and safe holiday season as we look forward to life returning to happier times. 2020 came in with celebrations in store for our 50th anniversary in business and then we were hit with COVID-19 mandates mid-March and everything changed! Here we are with masks and sanitizers and so much shut down in our lives.

2020 was a year of big adjustments for everyone. We applaud our customers and the real estate industry as a whole for adapting so quickly and efficiently during the pandemic. We are pleased to report that Rapattoni is safe and we did not miss a beat when staff had to work from home. Andy (and now staff) always said, “From every adversity comes the seed of a greater benefit!” The “adversity” was the pain of moving out of our office from Simi Valley in November of 2019, which turned into a “benefit” as we put staff rotation into place in our new half-completed Westlake Village facility.

In spite of the disruptions, we finished the construction on the balance of our new offices, we celebrated our 50th anniversary in various new ways, we delivered lots of new enhancements and software, we hosted our first virtual Association Management Software Rapattoni Users Group Meeting, and we celebrated many staff milestones!

In addition, we brought up new customers completely remote in 2020 instead of traveling for on-site trainings and it all went amazingly well! We hosted almost 100 remote training sessions and with fewer customer staff interruptions (also working remote), the trainings went faster than normal and clicked quicker with the users.

So, what’s up for 2021? A lot! We listen to our customer feedback and suggestions when creating our product roadmaps. Here is a preview of our coming attractions and next week we will send more details:

  • New Rapattoni customer signed for AMS and MLS first week in January!
  • The NorCal MLS Alliance goes live this month!
    • We are excited to announce our role in the upcoming launch of the NorCal MLS Alliance. This is a groundbreaking MLS data integration project involving seven leading MLSs in Northern California.
    • MetroList Services, Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, and San Francisco Association of REALTORS®, all of whom are Rapattoni MLS customers and founding members of the Alliance, worked closely with our team as we developed the technology necessary for this endeavor to be successful.
    • Once launched, the Alliance MLS users will be able to input and access listings to and from multiple MLSs within their home MLS system, giving real estate professionals and their clients the most comprehensive access to listing data in Northern California.
  • Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS Roadmap for 2021:
    • New Member Support Tracking module phase #1 arrived in January
    • Major update to Events and Education modules in Q1 of 2021
    • More UI/UX improvements for Member Portal
    • New Member Forum on the way
    • More Cloud AMS automation for easier tasks
  • Rapattoni MLS Roadmap for 2021:
    • New MLS API arrives in Q1
    • New optimized workflow and layout of search results with reports and displays
    • New Mobile Apps are on the way
    • Many other exciting features will be released in our regular software updates as we work to bring you the best MLS software on the planet
  • Rapattoni Integrated Website Service (IWS) Roadmap for 2021:
    • IWS is being rebranded to focus on association website management
    • New version will present a simplified backend solution and be easier to manage
    • Will utilize the Cloud AMS API to natively integrate Events and Education, allowing associations to enter information once and have it sync to their website

New Products on the way!

  • Introducing Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS 3.0:
    • Development began in 2020 on our new Cloud AMS 3.0 product with a web-based interface.
    • This is a major evolution of the current Rapattoni industry leading Cloud AMS 2.4 version.
  • Introducing Atlas:
    • Atlas is our brand-new Tax product, a completely new application providing in-depth tax record data like never before.
    • Atlas integrates with Rapattoni MLS but also functions as a standalone application, which means that even if you are not a Rapattoni MLS customer, you can still integrate this powerful new tax solution into your MLS today!
    • Installations of this new product have already begun! Contact our sales department for a demo today!
  • Introducing Connect Dashboard:
    • Connect is a new Single Sign-On dashboard portal providing users with the convenience of a central site to login and access all their applications such as MLS, AMS, and association websites!
    • Everyone can benefit from Connect Dashboard, regardless of who your MLS vendor is. In fact, you don’t even have to be an MLS! Any organization that wants to offer their users the convenience of one central portal to access all their applications can use Connect Dashboard!
    • This highly customizable dashboard lets users add links to applications and customize groupings to best fit their needs. Administrators can simplify setup by automatically provisioning links based on criteria such as Bill Type and Association.
    • Connect Dashboard is set to launch in Q2 with installations already scheduled. Installation slots are filling up fast so contact our sales department today for more info!

It has been a great five decades and we are very excited about the future. Our holiday message said it all so turn up the volume and click here as I give you a quick glance at our past, our new offices, and our enthusiasm for the future!

Rapattoni Leadership Team

Niki Rapattoni
Chief Executive Officer
Rapattoni Corporation

And Team Rapattoni