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Contribution Reports and Exports

Members make contributions to various programs and initiatives, such as RPAC. They also appreciate receiving recognition for their financial support of these programs. You can easily run a contribution report to obtain a list of members and details surrounding their contributions. Or, you can export your contribution data to a file for use in a spreadsheet or other application.

NOTE: Run the Member History Update (Managers > Accounting > Month End Processes > Member History Update) before completing any of the following steps, in order to make sure that all recent contributions are posted to history and will be included.

To run a contribution report

Managers > Contributions > Reports > Contribution Detail Report

Enter the desired criteria and click the Run Report button. Press F1 for Help, if needed.

To run a contribution export

Merge > Contributions > Contribution Merge

Enter the desired criteria and click the Continue button. Press F1 for Help, if needed.

Contribution reports and exports are simple, yet powerful, tools that enable you to utilize the important contribution data that is tracked in your Magic software. Please feel free to contact Rapattoni Magic Support if you need further assistance, at (866) 730-7115.