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Find and Correct Illegal Data

Title: Find and Correct Illegal Data
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: Is there a report or utility that will find illegal (non-standard) characters
in my database?

The Find/Correct Illegal Data Utility is very easy to run and will generate a complete report of illegal characters in your database. These illegal characters (such as double quotes and parentheses) can cause rosters, mail merges, and other programs to behave erratically. Using this utility, you can easily print a report of all illegal characters, and even have the system remove the characters from the database for you.

In addition, this utility will alert you to any e-mail addresses with bad formatting, such as those missing the "@" symbol or three-letter extension (such as ".com"). NOTE: The utility will not correct bad e-mail addresses, but the report enables you to quickly find records that need
to be corrected.

To run the Find/Correct Illegal Data Utility



It's a good idea to run the "Report Only" option first, so that you can review any changes that will be made. Once you have the report, you can choose to manually correct illegal characters or select the "Correct and Report" option and let Magic do the work for you.

If you have any questions concerning this utility, please contact Rapattoni Software Support.