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Rapattoni MLS

Rapattoni MLS delivers the best that technology has to offer. Through the unique guarantee of free upgrades to incorporate enhancements and new technologies, Rapattoni keeps its customers excited and moving forward.

Rapattoni MLS offers a powerful assortment of tools and advanced features, including:

  • Versatile Searches, Displays & Reports
    • Interactive Map Search Powered by Google Maps™
    • Customizable Search Templates
    • Hotsheets and 24-Hour Market Watch
    • Customizable Grid Displays
    • CMAs and Reports
    • Scheduled Hotsheet, Open House, and Broker Tour Emails
    • Custom Report Writer & Custom Exports
    • Public Searches and Internet Data Exchange (IDX/ILD)
  • Mapping and Parcel Data
    • Robust Parcel Mapping Component
    • Integrated Aerial Photography
    • Custom Map Layers for MLS Areas, School Districts, Zoning, Flood Zones, and more
    • Listing Input Autofill from Parcel Data and Custom Layers
  • Statistics & Analysis
  • Contact/Prospect Management
    • Prospect Carts and Interactive Client Portals
    • Auto-Prospecting Email Tools
  • Public Records Data with Listing Input Integration
  • Social Media Integration
    • Post Listings to Various Platforms
  • Mobile Interface with Responsive Design
    • Runs as a Mobile App or Web App
  • Desktop MLS Runs on Tablets and Phones as well as PCs and Macs
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
    • Chrome®
    • Firefox®
    • Internet Explorer®/Edge®
    • Safari®
  • RESO Web API and RETS Data Exchange System
  • Listing Syndication Manager
    • Syndication Tools for MLS Staff, Brokers, and Office Staff
  • Integrated Member Management and Billing System
  • Customizable MLS Home Page
  • State-of-the-Art Security
  • Data Hosting Service
  • Continuous Software Updates
  • Help and Support
    • On-site Training
    • Online Help
    • Help Desk for Agents
    • Dedicated Staff Support
    • Second Level Tech Support
    • Webinars & Video Tutorials

Rapattoni Edge MLS Mobile Interface

The Edge MLS mobile interface allows real estate professionals to quickly search and manage listings on the go using smartphones and tablet devices.

Easy-to-use MLS app available for iOS and Android devices!

Powerful mobile features:

  • Intuitive Searches & Hotsheets
  • Revise Listings
  • Picture Management
  • Contacts & Prospects
  • Tax Records
  • Location Services (Find Me)
  • Directions & Routing
  • SMS Texting
  • Social Media Integration

Compatible with all popular
smartphones and tablets!

Available via web browser as well as iOS and Android apps

Upload listing pictures directly
from phones and tablets

Interactive Map Search Powered by Google Maps™

The Rapattoni MLS Map Search leverages Google Maps™ to deliver fast performance and advanced mapping tools.

Integrated School Report and Neighborhood Report provide invaluable information!


  • Customizable Criteria – combines map search with field search and custom criteria setup
  • Shapes and Drawings – create polygons, squares, rectangles, and radius searches, or draw freeform shapes for custom search areas
  • Listing Detail – view full listing information including Property History without leaving the map
  • Real-time Results – listings display instantly as you adjust the map and update criteria
  • Interactive Map Pins – quickly view recent activity, run a radius search, add to a prospect, or send to email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Powerful Tools and Technologies – includes Map Layers, Routing, Measurements, Google Street View™, and more

Optional Statistics Integrations

The Rapattoni MLS also optionally integrates with the popular third-party statistics platform offered by ShowingTime, including the InfoSparks and FastStats modules.

InfoSparks changes the way real estate professionals use and share housing information

  • Compare Geographies – compare up to four geographies using a variety of housing variables, market metrics, and time calculations
  • Analyze Data – investigate important market metrics by county, city, postal code, neighborhood, and other geographies
  • Branded Charts – personalize market charts with your headshot, company name, and contact information

FastStats displays informative market reports in seconds

  • Interactive Maps – clean and detailed maps of local housing stats in a sleek, intuitive interface
  • Deep Data – create detailed one-page market reports for any type of geographic area
  • Complete Picture – get a complete picture with reports on metrics, supply, foreclosures, and more

Optional integrations with other third-party Statistics vendors are also available!


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