RETS Metadata Tutorial


RETS Metadata Tutorial

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Rapattoni RETS Support




RETS 1.7.2


An Introductory Tutorial on How to Retrieve RETS Metadata

Below are examples of Query Strings that you might use to pull metadata from Rapattoni's RETS Server. (Make sure to replace <Association> with the association you are working with and <MLS> with the MLS' mnemonic you are working with. Click here for a list of Rapattoni's RETS servers.)

1. To find out what ResourceID metadata is available:<Assocation>/<MLS>/getmetadata.aspx?Type=METADATA-RESOURCE&Format=COMPACT&ID=0

2. To find out what ClassName metadata is available:<Assocation>/<MLS>/getmetadata.aspx?Type=METADATA-CLASS&Format=COMPACT&ID=0

3. To narrow the ClassName metadata down based on a ResourceID:<Assocation>/<MLS>/getmetadata.aspx?Type=METADATA-CLASS&Format=COMPACT&ID=Property

4. To find out what Table metadata is associated with all ResourceIDs and all ClassNames:<Assocation>/<MLS>/getmetadata.aspx?Type=METADATA-TABLE&Format=COMPACT&ID=Property

5. To narrow the Table metadata down based on a specific ResourceID and a specific ClassName:<Assocation>/<MLS>/getmetadata.aspx?Type=METADATA-TABLE&Format=COMPACT&ID=Property:RESI

The aforementioned examples provide a brief overview for structuring a GetMetadata query. For more information on the GetMetadata transaction please reference section 12 of the RETS 1.7.2 specification. For more information on metadata format please reference section 11 of the RETS 1.7.2 specification.