Title: New FCC Regulations Affecting Communications in Rapattoni Magic
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How will the new FCC regulations affect the staff communicating with our members thru E-mail, fax, and mail?

FCC Regulations

FCC regulations were established to protect consumers from solicitation by telemarketing, and will have an impact on how you communicate with your members in Rapattoni Magic. The FCC released a Report and Order on August 18, 2003 revising many of its telemarketing and facsimile advertising rules. In effect, a limited reconsideration of the Report and Order has been extended until January 1, 2005. " An established business relationship will continue to be sufficient to show that an individual or business has given express permission to receive facsimile advertisements."

You can view the entire Report and Order at:

How will the new regulations affect Rapattoni Magic?

We have received requests to address the new regulations in conjunction with Rapattoni Magic, and how it will affect merging. To track member authorization for communication purposes, we recommend using the Allow junk E-mail, Allow Junk Fax, and Allow Junk Mail preference in the Member Preferences Form (NOTE: In the next upgrade of Rapattoni Magic, the word "Junk" will be replaced with "Unsolicited"). Placing a check in these boxes will indicate that your staff has authorization from the member to send Junk E-mails, faxes, and mailings. When running a merge, you will have the ability to select members based on these preferences. If you would like to reset any of these preferences, please contact Rapattoni Magic Support.