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Title Category
Adding a Branch Office Membership
Additional Licenses Membership
Adjusting Posted Payments Accounting
Aged Accounts Receivable Report for Credit Balances Accounting
Assigning Staff Rights in Magic 10 Membership
Assigning User Rights Membership
Attaching Member Photos Membership
Auto Apply Credits Accounting
Auto-numbering Member Records Membership
Billing Messages – Where they display in Cloud and Member Portal Accounting
Billing Messages – Where they display in Magic and IMS Accounting
Billing Preparation Tools Accounting
Canceling Member Registration in a Class/Event Education
Changing the Default Year in Cloud AMS Membership
Common Central Database (CDB) Issues Data Exchange
Common Code of Ethics Education Tracking Errors - Not Updating from Pending Education
Common IC Verify Issues Accounting
Common Prebilling Issues Accounting
Common Print Statement/Invoices Problems Accounting
Contacting Cloud AMS Support Help
Contribution Charge Codes Contributions
Contribution History Contributions
Contribution Reports and Exports Contributions
Converting a Roster to a PDF Rosters and Reports
Correcting "Out of Balance" Errors Accounting
Creating an Email Alias Account Membership
Creating and Modifying Laser Rosters Rosters and Reports
Creating Invoices for New Members Accounting
Creating Late Fees Accounting
Credit Card Payment Processing Accounting
Cross Referencing Member Portal Transactions in Cloud AMS to the E-commerce Group Summary Report Accounting
Cross Referencing Member/Office Records Membership
Data Review and Cleanup - Part 1 Membership
Data Review and Cleanup - Part 2 Membership
Default Year Update Membership
Deleting and Archiving Invoices and Receipts Accounting
Dues History Form by Code Accounting
Education Tracking Setup Education
Education Tracking Update Education
Education Transmittal Setup Education
Email Merge Merge
Emailing Contacts Directly from the Office Query Form Membership
Exporting Rapattoni Magic Data Into Microsoft Excel Merge
Find and Correct Illegal Data Membership
Generating Item Labels with UPC Codes Inventory
How to add your CAR Dues\Realtor Assessment charge code to your CASTFIN setup Data Exchange
How to Check Data Exchange (NRDS) Transmittal Logs Data Exchange
How to Merge Duplicate Member Records and Transfer History Membership
How to Modify Messages that Display on Invoices/Receipts Accounting
How to Run Print Preview Before Printing in Rapattoni Magic Rosters and Reports
How to Use Range Search Membership
Identifying and Correcting "Undeliverable" or Non-Existent E-mail Addresses Merge
Importing member records from Rapattoni Magic to your Microsoft Outlook Contacts Merge
IMS Accounts Receivable Batch Prefixes IMS
IMS Dues Payment Instructions for Agents IMS
IMS Event and Education Comment Field Expanded! IMS
IMS Supplement Documentation IMS
IMS Web Descriptions for Classes, Events and Committees! IMS
Include Contributions in Member Portal (IMS) IMS
Incomplete IMS Transactions IMS
Installing the Bar Code Font Accounting
Installment Billing Accounting
Inventory Adjustments Inventory
Inventory Bar Code Labels Inventory
Inventory Minimum Stock Requirements Inventory
Inventory Setup/Reset Inventory
Issuing a refund on a credit card processed through ICVerify Accounting
Issuing a Refund on a Credit Card Processed through NAR E-Commerce Accounting
Issuing a refund on a credit card processed through VeriSign Accounting
Loading Your Agent Photo From IMS IMS
Local Board Designation Transmittals to NRDS Data Exchange
Locating Your Merge Data Files Membership
Mail List Certification Membership
Member Preferences Membership
Member/Office List Maker Membership
Member/Office Lookup from your Association's Web Site IMS
Membership Counts Report Membership
Membership Tracking System Membership
Merge Field Names Printout Merge
Missing Internet Information Report Membership
Monitoring the CDB Forms Data Exchange
Multiple Selector Fields Membership
NAR's Central Database (CDB) System Setup
New Call Center Management System Improves Service Help
New FCC Regulations Affecting Communications in Rapattoni Magic Membership
NRDS Education and Financial Reporting via CDB Data Exchange
NRDS Reconciliation Report Data Exchange
NRDS to Cloud AMS Verification and Comparison Report Data Exchange
NRDS to Magic Verification and Comparison Report Data Exchange
Offering Discounts to Members Paying Through the Member Portal IMS
Office Sort Sequence Rosters and Reports
Open/Close Cash Drawer Accounting
Overpayment Without an Open Invoice Accounting
Payments Reconciliation using NRDS Settlement Import and Reconciliation Report Accounting
Print Statements/Invoices - Ignore Billing Preference Accounting
Print the Association Address on Statements and Invoices Accounting
Printing a Member Profile Report Membership
Printing Billing Messages on Statements Accounting
Printing Help Documentation with Rapattoni Magic Help
Printing Membership Cards Rosters and Reports
Printing Statements – Minimum Balance Accounting
Prorating Charge Codes and Automating New Member Billing in Magic Accounting
Purge Classes and/or Class Registration Records Education
Purging Journal Entries Accounting
Purging NRDS Transmittals Data Exchange
Rapattoni Magic 8 Workstation Setup System Setup
Rapattoni Magic Webinars Help
Reconciling Batches with Bank Deposits Accounting
Refunding Overpayments Accounting
Release Highlights Rapattoni Magic Resource Center
Reporting Code of Ethics Education Information to NRDS Education
Reversing a Misapplied Dues Payment that has been Updated to History Accounting
Run Recovery Error Accounting
Scheduler Basics Data Exchange
Setting up a Class or Event for Registration on IMS Education
Setting up a No-Fee Class or Event Education
Setting up an E-mail Alias (Distribution List) Membership
Setup Options for Manual Invoices and Receipts Accounting
Storing Credit Card Information Membership
Supervisor Login - Adding User Rights Membership
Suspend or Terminate Members Accounting
The Differences in Range, Locate, and Query Search Membership
The Importance of Database Backups System Setup
Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Membership
Training Opportunities Help
Turning Off the Print Address Feature on Pre-Printed Forms for Statements and Invoices Rosters and Reports
Using Special Billing Codes Accounting
Verify Data Exchange Dues Setup Data Exchange
Voluntary Contributions Do Not Display in IMS IMS
Waiving Dues for Qualifying Members Accounting
What to do if your credit card processor (such as NAR’s E-commerce Site) is down? IMS
Year End Procedures Year End