Cloud AMS includes a Member Profile Report that you can print, showing all membership information for a particular member. This report can be used by your staff to keep member records up to date. This report can also be sent to the member so they can verify membership information such as e-mail address, contact phone numbers, addresses, accounting information, etc. After making the appropriate changes, the member can send it back to your office so you can update their record. You can also choose to run the report for specific datasets related to a member, instead of printing all information. The Member Profile Report is very easy to use and can be a useful tool for your membership and your staff.

mbr profile rpt 1


First, open the Member Profile Report and press F5 to search for the member.

You can choose which topics you want to print for the member by checking the appropriate boxes, or you can click Select All to view all information. Next, click Create Report to display the report.