Title: Prorating Charge Codes and Automating New Member Billing in Magic
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How do I set up my charge codes to charge a prorated amount, based upon the date an invoice is created?

There is no better time to set up your charge codes and proration schedules than at billing time! This is also an excellent time to set up your New Member Bill Type Charges so that you can automatically bill your new members, for the correct prorated amount, at the time the new member record is created.

When new members join your association throughout the year, it is necessary to charge them a prorated amount for dues. Some associations manually calculate the prorated dues fee and alter the charge code amount in the Sales Invoice Form. But the system can easily be set to prorate your dues charge codes automatically based upon the date the invoice is created.

You can set up each individual charge code with a monthly or quarterly proration schedule by following the steps listed below.

Go to the Charge Code Table by typing Alt > m > a > I > s > c. Press Ctrl-E to create a new charge code. When your charge code is completed, it will look similar to this. If you are prorating an existing charge code you will locate the charge code in your Charge Code Table and use F5 to zoom into the form.

Once you have created your charge code, click the Prorate Table button and complete the Charge Code Prorate Form. This form can be completed to reflect monthly, quarterly, or any other schedule of proration that's used by your association. The Period Ending Date is the last day that a member will be charged the corresponding Prorated Amount.

If you would like Magic to create a New Member invoice which has been automatically prorated for you, you can use Billing Type Charges for New Members. To get to this form, type Alt > m > a > b > b. Click the For New Members button.

Select the Billing Group that your charge code pertains to. Locate any Bill Types that should be billed for your charge code and add the code to the Automatic Charges section on the right side of the form. If your invoice will include more than one charge code, simply add all of your prorated charge codes here.

Once the charge code has been added to the form, Magic will use the Prorate Table to calculate the correct amount to charge new members for dues.

When you create a new member and escape to save the record, you will be asked if you would like to create a new member invoice.

If you choose to create the invoice, you will be asked to select a batch and then you will be taken to the Cash Receipts Posting Form where you can pay your newly created dues invoice.

By taking advantage of these features in Magic, you will save time and eliminate the margin for error when prorating dues charge codes. Rapattoni's software will do the work for you!