Title: Year End Procedures
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: What year end procedures or utilities do I need to run?

As the year comes to a close, you may be thinking about which update, archive and purge procedures you will need to run. We have compiled all of the necessary procedures for you in one easy-to-follow article.

Year End Reset to YTD Sales Update:



If you have the Inventory manager, you can use this utility to reset the YTD running totals back to zero. This will allow you to accurately accrue YTD figures in the new year. Please note that this update should be run after you close the accounting year.

Delete Unpaid Invoices:



The Delete Unpaid Invoices Utility is helpful in removing unpaid invoices for terminated members and older unpaid invoices, such as invoices over 90 days old. This utility should only be run by boards utilizing a cash-based accounting system. Boards that are accrual-based should write off these invoices. You can run this utility by Incurring Member Status, Invoice Type, and Invoice Date From/Thru. It is a good idea to run the Report Only option first, so that you can verify the invoices that will be deleted.

Archive Receipts and Invoices:



This utility will move old data to a separate location on your server. This will help optimize performance when running cash receipts and accounts receivable reports. This data can still be viewed within the members A\R record and can be included in some reports.

Update Invoice Billing Office:



This utility updates the billing office on all paid or unpaid invoices for offices whose billing office has changed. This helps maintain the integrity of your data.

Purge Retrieved Transmittals:


From the Retrieve Transmittals page, click the Utilities tab and select Purge Transmittals.

This procedure is predominately utilized by state associations but should also be run by any association that receives data through Data Exchange, such as our Rapattoni MLS customers. The Purge Retrieved Transmittal Utility will purge retrieved files for the previous year. This must be done on an annual basis. Retrieved batches are generated and named based on the month and day that they are created, rather than the year. If a batch exists from a previous year with the same name, the system believes that the file for that day has already been downloaded and a new file will not be retrieved.

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