Title: Incomplete IMS Transactions
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: When an IMS charge does not go through the NRDS credit card processing successfully, what can I do to resolve the problem?

How to Determine if a Transaction Did Process:

When running your daily reports in Internet Member Services (IMS) to check if all of the transactions have processed properly, you may come across specific transactions that had problems. The transactions that fail will probably have the following messages attached to them in the "Action Required" column: "Check Status" or "Void." This gives you an idea as to what the problem is, and by clicking on the link, you will be given additional information. You might also come across a message that says "Batch Closed." This message means that the Web batch must be re-opened temporarily. After re-opening the batch, you can then return to the Credit Card Transaction Report, and you will notice that the status has now changed to "Pending."

How To Resolve Pending Transactions:

To resolve pending transactions, click on the "Pending" link. When you click this link, you will be given steps to resolve the issue. A "result code" will be generated, giving a brief description as to why the transaction didn’t complete. For a list of these result codes and their descriptions, please contact NAR to obtain the Realtor Electronic Commerce External Interface User Documentation.

Reasons Why Transactions Did Not Process:

There are many different reasons why a transaction may not process, such as a server timing out, a member’s computer freezing up during a transaction, a member clicking the browser "Back" button while the transaction is trying to process, etc. If a member is concerned whether or not a transaction actually did go through (even though IMS says it did not), you can write down the transaction number and call NAR to confirm the status.

If every transaction attempted is coming back with a "check status" message, then a system setup issue is likely the cause. Please contact Rapattoni Magic Support to verify your setup.

NOTE: For more information, please refer to the Internet Member Services (IMS) Supplement included with Rapattoni Magic. A copy of this supplement can be found under the Help menu in the Documentation section.