Title: Membership Counts Report
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How do I get a count of my membership?

Many users are not aware of a very useful report in Rapattoni Magic that allows you to calculate the total number of members by billing type, member type or even office type. In our example, we have selected by billing type.

Utilizing the Multiple Billing Type Selector Form, you are able to select the exact billing types to include in this report. Running the report by member type lowlights the Billing Type field and includes all member types. For your convenience, the Member Status fields default to the first five codes in the Status Code Table.

This report can be run on a monthly basis to determine your association’s change in active membership from month-to-month. It is a good idea to run it on the last day of the month every month to get the most up-to-date membership change information.