Title: IMS Supplement Documentation
Submitted by: Software Support
Issue: Where can I learn more about Internet Member Services?

Rapattoni's Internet Member Services (IMS) is a powerful tool that brings many of your association’s services right to your members’ desktops. This optional module integrates with your Rapattoni Magic 8 software to allow members to manage many of their own membership requests via the Internet (such as keeping their contact information up-to-date, paying association charges, enrolling in a class or event, etc.).

Associations that have IMS need specialized documentation on how to run it, and such a document exists — the "Internet Member Services Supplement." Using this document you can learn how to customize, manage and refine the information that displays on your IMS Web site. You can view and print this document right from your Rapattoni Magic 8 software.

To access the Internet Member Services Supplement:

  1. Choose Documentation from the Help menu. The Printable Documentation menu willopen using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Under the heading "Manuals," click Internet Member Services Supplement.

Keep in mind that Rapattoni’s customer support staff is here to help you set up or modify your IMS software. Additionally, the Magic Resource Center has a number of IMS articles for your reference.

For more information on obtaining an IMS integration for your association’s Web site, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..