Title: Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: How can I quickly access popular forms, open multiple forms and print preview reports?

Rapattoni Magic offers several shortcuts that can help you work faster!

Shortcuts to Frequently Used Forms

Did you know that you can access the following frequently used forms without navigating the Managers menu?

  • Member Query Form
  • Office Query Form
  • Sales Invoice Form
  • Cash Receipts Posting Form
  • Event Registration Form
  • Class Registration Form

Simply right-click in the gray workspace area, move your cursor to the desired form, then left-click to open the form.

Member and Office Quick Search

Magic now gives you the ability to open the Member Query Form or Office Query Form while continuing to work in other forms. You no longer have to rush through creating and posting an invoice so that you can look up a member record in order to provide that anxious agent on the phone with their MLS password. Now you can remain in the Sales Invoice Form (and most other forms), right-click in the gray workspace area and select the Member Quick Search or Office Quick Search option.

The Member Query Form opens on top of the form you are working in; you will not lose your work.

You can search, view and update member information in the Member Query Form (or Office Query Form) and, when you escape, the previous form will be right where you left it.

Print Preview

You can quickly view any report (with the exception of rosters) on-screen with just a few keystrokes. After specifying your report criteria, click the Create Report button as you normally would.

When the Confirmation Window displays DO NOT click Yes. Instead, press Ctrl + i OR choose Redirect Files from the Options menu.

The I/O Files window opens.

Press Tab three times to move to the Preview field, then press Y to select Yes. Or, click the Preview field with your mouse and select Yes.

Finally, press Enter three times.

Your report displays in a new window, so you can minimize it and continue working in Magic if desired. Just maximize your report to view it again. You can even print the report after reviewing it, if desired.

With a little practice, you can easily remember the keystrokes for the print preview feature:

CTRL+ i, Tab, Tab, Tab, Y, Enter, Enter, Enter

We hope you find that these tips and shortcuts help increase your speed and efficiency in Rapattoni Magic.