Many users are not aware of a very useful accounting utility in Cloud AMS that allows you to automatically apply credits, besides manually having to process them. This process can be a real time saver for you and your staff! This feature allows you to apply all specified outstanding credits and debits against each other.

Auto Apply Credits is particularly useful when run just prior to printing statements, since it can potentially eliminate phone calls about why a credit was not applied.

auto apply credits 1


Auto Apply Credits Utility defaults to Update Option 1 – Process Credits – Trial you will have the chance to review the report before you do the actual process.  After you review the Trial Report run the program again, on the Update Option F5 to choose 2 – Process Credits - Actual

Batch ID Hit F5 to choose the Batch ID

Invoice Billing Group F5 to choose the Billing Group or Clear All then Select All or type in the Billing Group.

Invoice Type F5 to choose or Clear All then Select All to choose all Invoice Type

Invoice Date you can leave as is so it will capture all dates

Member Status F5 to choose or enter A for just Active members

NOTE: You can run this utility as a trial first by selecting the trial option under Update Option. After the process is complete, you can print out a copy of all of the credit and debit transactions for your reference.