Title: Merge Field Names Printout
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How to print out merge field names

When doing a merge, wouldn’t you like to have a list of all of the possible fields that can be used in your merge? Instead of guessing what fields are available to you, you can use the Field Names Printout in Rapattoni Magic as a reference. This printout will display all merge fields, including general and merge specific fields. General merge fields are those that can be used in any merge that you perform (member status, ZIP code, bill type, etc). Merge specific fields are unique to the type of merge you are running. For example, if you are doing an education merge, certain education fields will be available to you (class time, class date, location of class, etc.).

Fields Names Printout

After selecting which fields you would like on the printout, click the Create Printout button.

This sample of the printout will give you an idea of the format. At this point, you may print the document and keep it for your reference. The generic merge fields are located at the top of the printout, followed by the merge specific fields.