Title: Printing Statements – Minimum Balance
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How can I print statements for members based on a minimum balance?

Rapattoni Magic’s Invoice/Statement Setup Form allows for a seemingly endless number of invoice and statement variations. Two of the many fields in the setup form that facilitate customization are the Balance and Percentage fields in the Minimum Balance Option section.

The Balance field can be modified so your statement can include credit invoices or just positive minimum balances. In our example shown below, statements could only include positive invoices because Minimum Balance = 0.01. To include credit (refund) invoices on the statement, the Minimum Balance field should contain a negative number. It is a good idea to set the minimum balance to -9,999,999.99 for this purpose.

If you are a Magic 8 user, you might be wondering, what is the Percentage field and how do I use it? The Percentage field comes into play for those associations that allow their members to utilize a payment plan. The statement will display any invoice where the member has not paid at least the percentage indicated. The default value is 100 percent, so any invoice that is not completely paid will appear on the statement. For associations using a 2-payment option, enter 50 percent so that any invoices with a balance due of more than 50 percent of the invoice amount will display on the statement. For associations utilizing a 3-payment option, you’ll just need to enter 33 percent in the Percentage field.

To access your list of invoices and statements, press F5 to zoom from the Statement/Invoice Type field.

Highlight the appropriate statement or invoice type, then click the Advanced Setup button.

Try adjusting the minimum balance or any of the other Additional Options in the Invoice/Statement Setup Form and print out just a few members’ invoices or statements. (TIP: You can press F1 on each field to read its description.) You can experiment and find the perfect options for your needs.