Title: Office Sort Sequence
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: What is the office sort sequence field and when should I use it?

The office Sort Sequence field allows you to override the normal sort order used in office reports, rosters and printing invoices/statements. In our example shown below, “The Real Estate Center” would normally be sorted with the T’s in reports or when printing invoices. We have renamed the office in the Sort Sequence field (see below). This allows us to utilize the “By Office Sort Sequence” sort option in our report or invoice/statement criteria, so that the office will instead sort with the R’s.

Another handy use for the Sort Sequence field is for offices with similar names. Here in California, Coldwell Banker is a very popular office name. Perhaps you have a Coldwell Banker office that is particularly large, and you would like it to sort first among all Coldwell Bankers on a report or even on a roster. You could name the office “coldwellbanker1” or even just “coldwellbanker” in the Sort Sequence field, and it should sort before all other Coldwell Banker offices.

Throughout Rapattoni Magic you will find more and more opportunities for creative use of the Sort Sequence field.

TIP: It’s a good idea to run the Update Sort Sequence Utility found under Managers > Membership > Utilities > Offices every six months to find any offices with blank Sort Sequence fields and automatically populate them (based on the Office Name field).