Title: Issuing a refund on a credit card processed through VeriSign
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: How can I issue a refund on a credit card processed through VeriSign?

Rapattoni Magic allows you to issue full or partial refunds for credit card payments that were processed through VeriSign. (NOTE: If your association uses ICVerify or the NAR E-Commerce credit card processing service, you should refer to those articles instead for specific instructions.)

To issue a full credit

You can simply click a button on the Receipt Query & Adjustment Form that will process the full credit refund automatically.

Receipt Query & Adjustment Form

In the Receipt Query & Adjustment Form, use a Range Search to look for the member number, office number, receipt number, credit card number or even the amount, and find the correct receipt.

To issue a credit, highlight the receipt that requires a refund and click the Issue Credit button located on the bottom right of the form. Within a few seconds, the software will automatically issue a credit to the member's credit card for the highlighted receipt. A negative receipt will be created and the original invoice(s) paid will become outstanding.

NOTE: The Issue Credit button only applies to receipts processed through Verisign.

To issue a partial credit

NOTE: Partial credits can only be accomplished if using VeriSign or ICVerify.

  1. Open the Cash Receipts Posting Form.
  2. Enter the batch. (Note: The batch must be set up with the correct billing group and merchant, and must have the Credit Card Verifying option set to Immediate.)
  3. Enter the member/office number.
  4. Enter the refund amount to the credit card as a negative number in the Amount field. Also enter the credit card type, number and expiration date.
  5. Tab down to the invoice area, and click the View All button to display all invoices for the selected member/office.
  6. Highlight the invoice to which you want to issue a partial refund.

  7. Click Pay, then click Post. This will send the credit to the credit card company for posting to the account.