Title: New Call Center Management System Improves Service
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: How has the installation of a new call center management system improved Rapattoni’s AMS Support?

We are very pleased to report on the progress we have made since the installation of our new call center management system. We have implemented several exciting changes to improve our operation and increase the level of service for our Magic customers.

Call Center Management System

The Rapattoni customer support department started using a new state-of-the-art call center management system more than a year ago. This system has given us excellent tools for monitoring incoming calls, tracking call volume trends, and creating reports. In addition to managing our call volume, this system provides reliable data that we use to analyze and improve our customer service on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Improvement

The Magic support team meets each week to discuss new and better ways to serve your needs. The call management system helps us with the technical aspects of routing, tracking, and following up on support calls. In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service on a more personal level. Our support team members discuss new ways to improve their phone skills by developing better methods for explaining technical issues and simplifying multi-step tasks.

Results and Goals

The most noticeable change in our service is that the vast majority of your calls are now answered by a support representative within one minute of the call coming in to Rapattoni. This is a big improvement over our old system where your calls were routed through an operator. Our goal is to solve most of your issues within one business day of receiving your inquiry. Our call tracking system indicates that we achieve this goal over 75% of the time.

Internal Charts and Reports

As mentioned above, our call center management system includes valuable tools for analyzing our customer service statistics. For example, the chart below shows how often we resolve your issues within one business day (our goal is to do this at least 75% of the time).

We also generate charts that show how often we answer your calls within one minute (our goal is to do this at least 95% of the time), how often we respond to your e-mail messages on the same day (our goal is to do this 100% of the time), and more!

Listening to your Feedback and Comments

Feedback from our customers is a valuable part of planning our improvements. In addition to improving our customer service, your comments and suggestions are passed on to our technical development team where they are used in planning feature enhancements. Also, your survey comments are sent to our executive team for review.

We hope the New Year brings business opportunities to our Magic customers and staff. Everyone on the Rapattoni Magic team is looking forward to assisting you by providing the best possible support services.