With the inception of the Central Database (CDB), we have identified some common setup issues that can prevent Magic from communicating with NRDS as intended. This article covers several important settings which can potentially cause issues with certain groups of members/offices not communicating with NRDS via the CDB.

In order for a member/office to communicate with CDB, there are three steps that must be performed.


1.  Member Billing Type/Office Type must have the field CDB set to Y

common CDB issues 1

common CDB issues 2


2.  Member Billing Type/Office Type must exist in the Data Exchange transmittal group rules –Managers>Data Exchange>Send Transmittals. Choose the “Setup” tab, then choose the “Transmittal Criteria” button. Click on the NRDSMSTR group ID, then the “View Rules” button. Verify that the Billing Type, Member Type, and Office Type are listed in this section with the appropriate translations.


common CDB issues 3


common CDB issues 4


3.  The final step is to run the Set CDB Update Utility – Managers>Data Exchange>CDB>Utilities>Set CDB Update Utility. In the “Modify/View Selection” section, click the buttons for Bill Types, Office Types, and Statuses, and modify the corresponding options to select only the Bill Types, Office Types and Statuses you wish to communicate. This will flag all of the selected records to communicate via CDB the next time the scheduler runs. **NOTE** if you do not modify this section, you will communicate ALL records to NRDS.


common CDB issues 5