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Additional Licenses

Title: Additional Licenses
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: Where can I keep track of a member’s additional licenses?

Your Rapattoni Magic software has the ability to store additional license information for your members. Some of your members may have multiple licenses encompassing such fields as commercial, residential, appraisal, or even out-of-state licenses. The additional license information can be easily entered and accessed from the Member Query Form by clicking on the Other button.


Selecting the Other button opens the Other Look Up Items window. Such member information as the member’s additional phone numbers, deposits, and the additional licenses can be quickly accessed from this window.

Click Additional Licenses to open the Additional Licenses Form.

The member’s additional licenses can be added to this form. You can either enter create mode by pressing Ctrl+C, or you can press Ctrl+M to enter modify mode and then use your down arrow or F4 key to add a line. In the License Type field, select the state abbreviation, or specialization (such as appraiser, broker, etc.) of the license.

Keep in mind that the member’s primary license information is tracked in the Member Information Form. However, for cases where you need to track more than one license, the Additional Licenses Form helps you by storing that information for future reference.