January 12, 2022

Happy New Year and good wishes from all of us at Rapattoni as we jump into our second year in this new decade for the company!

Niki Rapattoni here, as a founder and CEO of Rapattoni Corporation, it is a pleasure sending our greetings and plans for our 52nd year serving the real estate industry under the same name and ownership. This year the annual January message is from our outstanding Rapattoni Executive Team as we have much to shout about and many great things on the way.

This is an extraordinary team that was formalized in 2015 with the passing of co-founder Andy Rapattoni. It has grown to oversee all aspects of the company and is prepared to take us into an exciting future!

Here is a closer look at the visionaries behind the super products and services we produce.

Ralph Hoover, President:
These last two years have been filled with both challenges and opportunities. As Andy Rapattoni would always say…“From every adversity comes the seed of a greater benefit.” The global pandemic has been that adversity for Rapattoni and our staff has “bobbed and weaved” its way around many successes over the last two years. We not only brought two new products to market (Connect Dashboard & Atlas Tax), we did it while working 100% remote. We are so proud of our entire team for all they have accomplished. As we return to in-person work, we'll look at a “new normal” that includes a blended onsite and remote work environment; an environment that will not only serve our customers but our staff and their families as well. We look ahead to 2022 and all the opportunities it brings with great anticipation and excitement!

We are looking forward bringing our next generation of AMS software to the Real Estate industry! Our new Magic+ AMS represents the next big evolution in membership management, with a completely browser-based system, updated workflows, and a focus on reducing repetitive tasks to improve efficiency. Plus, as part of this focus on efficiency and improving staff productivity, Rapattoni is preparing to launch its new Online Member Application tool for all current Cloud AMS customers. This major update greatly improves the onboarding process for new members by integrating state license data, NAR’s M1 data, document management, automated communications, and much more. We also launched our new Association Website Module in 2021, replacing our traditional Integrated Website Services product. With our new AWM product, associations can quickly build, manage, and update their public facing website. AWM is built around API integrations with your Magic database, which means no more dual entry for calendars, and real-time agent, office, and affiliate searches. We are very excited to move into 2022 with so many exciting updates to serve our customers.

Nick Hook, Chief Architect, CIO:
2022 promises to be an exciting year full of growth and product enhancements! A new evolution is coming to the MLS that will streamline how agents work and greatly improve their efficiency. Along with that, the MLS will see a redesign of the contacts and prospecting systems in addition to many other great new features. Connect Dashboard is off to a roaring start offering a highly customizable, next generation dashboard experience. Connect will continue to grow, offering more levels of customization and integration with even more Single Sign-On partners! And Atlas Tax has also had a terrific first year, providing first-class, nation-wide tax data coverage with powerful search tools. In the coming year, you’ll see MLS data integrated into the tax data and vice versa as we work toward providing the most complete property data picture available. Buckle-up! 2022 is already shaping up to be a banner year!

Au Catalan, Chief Financial Officer:
After almost 10 years in the accounting department at Rapattoni Corporation, I was honored to accept the position of Chief Accounting Officer in August 2021. I have been working very closely with the executive officers for the last two years to enhance the company’s accounting processes and reporting while overseeing the move to a more high-powered auditing firm. As a company with 51+ years of longevity, we continually demonstrate our commitment to our customers by delivering innovative new products, outstanding customer service, and strategic business development efforts to aid in the growth of our industry. Rapattoni Corporation is poised for strong growth not just for 2022, but for many years to come.

Happy New Year from all of us at Rapattoni Corporation… and fasten your seatbelts for the ride!